Thursday, August 25, 2016

Me And The Minister Of Finance

I know how it feels. Our Minister of Finance has been "extremely distressed" by rumours of charges against him. It's all in the news again. During the past three years, I myself have, arguably, had worse, being accused nearly thirty times of offences. I was twice charged, too -- and exonerated. I asked the prosecutor in writing to reinstate the charges, so that this would come into the open, but he would not. All of the accusations but one (apart from anonymous accusations, of which there were plenty), had their source in one family. OBSERVATION: I did the same as our Minister of Finance did, and I opened up about it -- as I do here. There have been different opinions about that -- about a minister, in principle, opening up. I also handed all the allegations against me to the police, with all the information they needed to investigate me and charge me. They threw it all out. The Church should address this kind of thing. And the police, I believe, should be more proactive in stopping it.

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