Saturday, September 17, 2016

Another Scam

Two refugees came to see me, claiming that they were brothers who grew up in the same home. I checked out their story as best I could, then gave each of them some money on behalf of the Church, to reach a refuge near Port Elizabeth (a city east of Cape Town). Unusually, they gave me the money back and asked me to hold it until their departure. A few days later, one of them came to claim the money on behalf of them both, as they were now leaving for the east. I duly gave him the money. Later that same day, his brother came to claim the money on behalf of them both. Of course, the money was gone. I said to the remaining brother: “What kind of brothers are you?” I said unless he could put me in a position to decide the matter, no further money would be forthcoming. OBSERVATION: I suspect it was a scam to double their money.

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