Monday, October 3, 2016

Building Fund Fund-Raiser

I attended a Church fund-raiser on Saturday. The photo merely gives an impression. It was a "black and white" dinner. Anyone who was dressed with colour was to be fined (I don't think there was anyone, although I notice that baby ...) There were more than a hundred guests. A three-course meal which was too big to finish cost R75 / $5.50 each. They hired a competent master of ceremonies for R500 / $35, and there will have been expenditures besides. There was a simple format: the master of ceremonies, a dancer, and a short speech on behalf of the Church. This was not the usual such event, which tends to be far more chaotic. Or maybe we were not far enough east (we were about 400km / 250mi east of Cape Town). OBSERVATION: The proceeds went towards the building of a new Church. Apart from the usual reasons for wanting to build, the present Church is built of wood and iron sheets, and has been plundered too often.

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