Friday, October 7, 2016

Charitable Ministry

I once called an open meeting in my old urban Church to discuss our "charitable ministry". I found some notes this morning. These are questions which were raised in the meeting -- questions born of a real and pressing situation (unfortunately without answers in my notes):
• What priority does the Church owe to charity vs. spiritual work?
• What priority does the Church owe to charity inside the Church vs. charity outside the Church?
• How should we deal with the intense pressure on our Church's charitable funds?
• Whom should we help with charity?
• What is the spiritual value of charity?
• Why have so many people volunteered for our charitable ministry, when apparently they have little or nothing to offer?
• How might one meaningfully involve them?
• Should we put out requests for special cash funding?
• How much of the Church's charity should be personal, and how much corporate? 

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