Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Erasing Windows

I bought myself an Acer Aspire R11 computer this week. I had a very good experience with Acer before. But the new computer ran Windows. I let slip in the shop that I would erase Windows and replace it with Linux. A serious look came over the salesman's face, and he picked up the phone and called HQ. He put down the phone again and said that if I removed Windows, I would void the guarantee. However, Linux in parallel with Windows would be OK. I erased Windows anyway, since its presence may defeat Linux. It seemed like all-out war to make it work. At last, I have Linux and only Linux running on my R11 computer (see the image). OBSERVATION: Windows was literally non-functional out of the box. Everything demanded set-up, and it was set-up which required an Internet connection -- which I did not have when I needed it. And those interminable Windows pop-ups.

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