Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Myths About Ministerial Selfishness

I privately wrote a letter to a Church consultant in 2013, following what I called "myths about the minister's selfishness". Here is what I wrote, verbatim. But this is not on my blog merely as a curiosity about me. I write this because I know that it is quite likely true of one's own minister:
• I twice proposed a reduction in my salary from the Church -- once to ease our Church finances (accepted) and once so as to raise the salaries of other staff (rejected).
• I never asked the Church for a raise or anything of the sort -- one can search the records flat and one won't find it.
• Mirjam and I spent an estimated hundreds of thousands of rands of our own money to support two ministries -- never asking for any of it back.
• I give more than 10% of my nett income to the Church every month.
• I set aside 10% of my nett income for the poor every month -- which has included four students during the past year.
• I have forfeited an estimated 150 public holidays to do Church work -- not informing the Church.
• I have forfeited an estimated 200 days of leave to do Church work -- not informing the Church.
• I asked for none of the customary support for my theological studies.
I made only one request during 32 years of ministry which involved money (quote): "Would the Church like to have the opportunity to be part of my graduation?" 
My list was longer, but this gives an idea. I summed it up: "If a minister is in the ministry for money, then not only is he in the wrong job, but he doesn't deserve to be there."

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