Thursday, October 13, 2016

Perverted Justice

Sadly, what our Minister of Finance is going through now seems so much the same as the experience of many -- my own experience included: a long list of allegations, turning this way and that. Dud accusations under oath which no one, but no one will afterwards reveal. Demands, and more demands for silence. Severe, even terrifying threats. Baffling charges which evaporate before they come to trial. Summons after summons to police talks, all off the record, and twisted. And too much besides. And sadly, in my case, it has everything to do with the Church -- which flat refuses to talk. OBSERVATION: What troubles me greatly, though, seen apart from myself or prominent people, is that the poor and defenceless go through this, too, and they are trapped. I have a certain amount of power to defend myself, but there is rising anger among the masses. This has been going on for years. It seems to me that it has only recently really come to the surface -- the most obvious example now being the Minister of Finance. But he talked, from the start, and that opened it all up.

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