Monday, October 17, 2016

Too Close For Comfort

I have previously blogged about people putting out mail in my name. Earlier this year, my Internet Service Provider (ISP) alerted me that my e-mail account had likely been "compromised" on the server (rather than my computer). That took a week to fix. But within a day, "I" started to mail people again from Malaysia. My ISP filed a request to shut it down. But no sooner had it been shut down in Malaysia, than "I" started to mail people again from the Dominican Republic. OBSERVATION: I am in two minds as to whether it is personal or not. The last e-mails that "I" sent out went to my wife, and to my late wife, and to the farmer on whose farm I proposed to my wife, and to a personal consultant -- recommending "a very beautiful place" near to our cottage. It seems too close for comfort.

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