Friday, January 27, 2017

Best Seminary Courses

I must have done a hundred seminary or university courses. I got to thinking which were the best of them, in terms of how they influenced me and profited me, personally. The following come to mind:
• A course on communication through UNISA, by Prof. Marthinus van Schoor. Although I barely passed this, it profoundly influenced me.
• A course on core Christian concepts at the (now) STH, by Prof. Herbert Jantzen. It brought clarity to my faith, then and ever since.
• A course on modern thought at the STH, by Dr. Francis Schaeffer. It has influenced me deeply to this day. And
• A course on postgraduate writing through FTS, by Prof. Bobby Clinton. It taught me how to work confidently with masses of material.
OBSERVATION: Professors will often have oversight over courses, but may not be hands-on. With this in mind, I met all of these professors except Prof. Van Schoor. Only Prof. Jantzen was completely hands-on.

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