Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Heritage Put Simply

It was a most interesting exercise, seeking to discover my wife’s great-grandparents this past Christmas. The complexities were beyond imagining – I hope to describe these soon on this blog.  In summary, she is:
• 62.5% Xhosa (Kwayi, Mqongcwe, and Langa)
• 12.5% Mpondo (so she is 80% Black)
• 12.5% Khoikhoi (Southern Khoi), but
• 12.5% remains unclear (possibly Xhosa, Khoi, and Afrikaner)
It is from her Khoi heritage that E bears some Khoi features, and perhaps from her Afrikaner heritage that she speaks Afrikaans. OBSERVATION: Three of her great-grandparents have royal lineages: one Mpondo, and two Kwayi (the Kwayi are currently making claim to the Xhosa throne).

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