Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hot Potato

On a whim this morning, being delayed in town, I decided to visit the investigator in a criminal case involving myself. I said I just wanted to introduce myself and wish her a Happy New Year. She asked me to sit down please. I said no need. She said sit down please. She said that she had studied the evidence on Friday, and why, oh why Reverend, did nobody advise you to get a protection order -- long ago? She told me, too, where this case was headed. OBSERVATION: It came as a breath of fresh air. A struggle of that kind can be lonely. I said that I would thank God for her in my prayers tonight. But for the moment, the case has been taken out of her hands, on authority. Not only that, but the police are debating whether they should transfer it, for a second time. Good luck, as it's a hot potato. This is the case that took an unbelievable 60+ days to be transferred then assigned after registration in October last year.

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