Saturday, January 28, 2017

Church Conduct

Someone said to me: "The person the police told you to get a protection order against (see an earlier post). That isn't ... ?" Well yes, it is. It is the person who wrote up the parting agreement between me and my old Church, Sea Point Evangelical Congregational Church. This includes her behaviour at that time. Further, the agreement itself was censured by the Human Rights Commission (which is no small thing), the Church chose a man to implement it who was involved in criminal charges against me (the charges failed), and attorneys judged that the tax adviser's report of his side of the work was "bizarre". And that is not all. OBSERVATION: In such situations, there would seem to be things that stare one in the face as to what one should be doing. The Church is a sacred institution and should act in keeping with that, but enough said.

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