Thursday, February 9, 2017

ANC Youth League Clip

I took this eleven-second video near my home today -- our City Hall in the background -- of the celebratory mood (at least in the ANC) prior to an address by the President. These are members of the famous / notorious ANC (African National Congress) Youth League. The last second of the video illustrates the danger of getting swallowed by one. OBSERVATION: The city is very heavily populated with soldiers, military police, South African police, city police, traffic police, artillery, troop carriers ... One loses track. Something is afoot.

POSTSCRIPT: From my city home, at 8:16 pm, one hears gunfire. (Correction: stun grenades). In the video, these are at one and the same time young adults and youngsters, full of passion and fun and expectation, as one sees. On a personal level, I feel for them at this time.

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