Thursday, February 16, 2017

Political Rally

I took this photo at an African National Congress (ANC) rally last week -- not as a supporter but as a visitor. I thought that, from the practical and technical points of view, it was very well done. It was a showcase for what South Africa can do. However, it unravelled disastrously at the end, with the crowd dwindling as parliament was derailed. The ANC can't afford to have too many situations like that. OBSERVATION: The unravelling, I think, showed that the ANC were not thinking realistically in the planning of it all. And to display a lengthy presidential address at a political rally, apart from seeming politically incongruous, was surely not a good fit. Incidentally I was surprised that, with enthusiasm, they all sang a hymn, and a man on the podium told everyone to go to Church on Sunday.

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