Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Pattern For Meetings

This post is about leading meetings, by way of providing an example. Here's how I led a Youth leaders' meeting, following a pattern that one finds in Scripture. First, prayer. Then I said: "Let's begin with the history of this group," and I wove into this history the story of what God had done. One of the Youth leaders became so enthusiastic that she kept taking over the story. I shared some impression of what God, in future, might do with the youngsters who were in this group, and I outlined the basic purpose of the group. Then I opened up the meeting to feedback -- asking, too, whether everyone felt that they were fully employed in the group. Out of this discussion came the offer by two Youth helpers to help lead Youth devotions, and the suggestion from a Youth leader that she start a Bible study for the girls. OBSERVATION: It was therefore a fruitful and encouraging meeting.

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