Friday, March 17, 2017

Ceramic Sunflower

I rediscovered this photo yesterday. It is a ceramic sunflower which hangs (or hung) in the Sunflower Ward in Cape Town -- perhaps the leading haematology ward in Africa. I passed that flower for a year, but thought that this might be the last time I saw it -- so I turned to take the picture. My wife died in the Sunflower Ward one day later, some thirty years too soon. I had cared for her myself, until the day of this photo. She wanted nothing else, but by this time, my task had become desperate. OBSERVATION: The flower looks like a jester to me. An empty smile. No doubt it is meant to be friendly and ... sunny. My experience of the ward however was good, and this no doubt had a lot to do with the people who ran it, in particular Professor Peter Jacobs, who himself has passed away now. He once doctored Nelson Mandela.

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