Monday, March 13, 2017

Crying Wolf

In ministry, I have made a point of not claiming expertise which I do not have -- in fact I have made a point of not suggesting that I might have expertise which I do not have. This may be important in ministry. I am not a doctor, so I don't diagnose illness, I am not a builder, so I don't supervise inspections, I am not an auditor, so I don't diagnose fraud, and so on. Recently the Standard Bank identified "fraudulent transaction" on the part of the Church. Today they wrote to me: "If you remain of the view that fraud was committed ..." I wrote to them immediately, no, let's get this straight. I reported to you things that I (we) saw on paper, and you named it fraud, in writing. You didn't hear "fraud" from me. I accepted it because I was informed of it by the bank. OBSERVATION: I consider this irresponsible -- and worrying. Next thing you hear somebody say that a minister cried wolf. A bank, too, needs to be consistent, especially when dealing with such things.

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