Sunday, March 5, 2017

Society Rules

I have related on this blog how an attorney handed me threats in a board room, ostensibly in the name of the Church. The obvious next step was for me to report her to the Cape Law Society. The (not the same) Law Society of South Africa wrote to me:
“It seems that the Cape Law Society requires proof that the attorney was acting in an official capacity as attorney. Without such proof, the matter cannot be progressed.” 
The Cape Law Society itself stated:
“We advise that, failing the provision of the requested proof that [the attorney] acted for you in her professional capacity as an attorney, we are unable to be of any further assistance to you in the matter.”
I asked to see a copy of the Cape Law Society Rules, sending them a formal request in terms of the Information Act. This was refused, in terms of §20 of the Act. Finally I did obtain the Rules, though not through the Cape Law Society. These state, in §15.8.1.
“The Disciplinary Committee [of the Cape Law Society] shall consider and investigate any complaint made against any member at the instance of whomsoever”. 
I leave this without comment, but to say that I handed it to police.

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