Monday, March 13, 2017

‘Things Get Lost’

I think it is in the public interest. It is Det. Sgt. Wessels of the Caledon Police, speaking after various submissions were lost which I made to the police: among them an affidavit in a criminal case, the confession of a robber to a crime, a record of R100 000+ (replacement value) stolen goods, and the seizure of my late wife's ashes -- all, I would think, of no small significance. You may click on Play. The detective tells me: "Yes OK, but in the future man, everything you give, just, just make sure, well, that you know it's important that you give it to me personally, because if things get lost then I don't know about it. If you drop it off at the police station it's probably going to get lost." In this case, the losses led to two abortive appearences in court as a state witness, and involved many hundreds of miles of useless travel. The cost was not small, to me or society. OBSERVATION: As for the detective's "innocence" in talking, bless him for that.

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