Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Postscript: Audit Conversation

My post Audit Conversation, last month, quickly became my most popular ministry post for the day, week, month, and all time. It dropped off the charts again just yesterday. I had put up a conversation between me and the Legal Director of the Auditors' Board, in which the Director advised that the Church Auditor (of my old Church) was in "criminal contravention" of the Act. In fact, he had been for several years. In the same recording (I clipped it off for brevity), the Director recommended a review of the Church finances, as "the first thing you need to do". But the Church Diaconate wrote to the Board, no. The first thing they needed to do was amend the constitution. This would "allow for a review" (I do not understand how a review is not allowed). After that, they would do it "if the leadership so decide" (referring to themselves). OBSERVATION: This and other things (see Bothersome Bank) would appear to reveal a takeover in the Church, which is governed by the Church Meeting, not "the leadership" (actually called the Diaconate, "the servanthood"). Apart from the spiritual implications if this were true, a multi-million rand enterprise would be in the hands of a few. A question for me is: do they want that control, or do they have to have it?

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