Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What Are The Issues?

This a repost of something I wrote on 15 April 2012, and I put it here this morning without any alteration. With the passing of time, I think it may make far more sense now than it did then:
The eminent Steve Hayes asks in a comment on this blog: "Fight or Decline? What are the issues?" That is, what are the issues with regard to recent turbulence in our Church. We are a Congregational Church, which means government by all. To summarise it in one sentence, the big issue is: Return the power to the members. In everything. Too much power was accrued by the few. Major decisions were taken without the knowledge of the minister, the leadership, or the members. However, trying to return power to the members has been at great cost and pain to myself -- not least at our recent AGM. Perversely, some have accused me of seizing control -- while my heart and my purpose are the opposite. Everything I have done has been aimed at getting power back into the hands of the members. Thank you, Steve, for the question.

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