Sunday, March 19, 2017

‘What Are You Going To Do?’

A question I have been asked in several situations in ministry is: "What are you going to do?" In some Churches, this might seem a fairly normal question. In the Congregational Church, not really. At least three things make it a "foreign" question to a Congregational Church. Firstly, the minister is not alone, but has a whole Church to help him / her. He doesn't need to provide the answer to that question. Secondly, Congregational process means that anything a minister is "going to do" is actually what the Church is going to do, by consensus. Thirdly, the Lord Himself is involved in His Church. God can work out what no human can. A minister might be tempted to say: "Indeed, what am I going to do?" But in this sense, too, it is not about the minister's solution.

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