Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Components Of A Metaphysic

I have been both puzzled and heartened by strong interest in any posts on this blog which record the progress of my metaphysic (a total philosophy). I don't know where this interest originates or why -- I only see very general statistics. My metaphysic does a few big things: it reincorporates ethics into metaphysics, on a new basis. The loss of ethics is a major problem of our time. Also, it reincorporates religion into metaphysics -- yet without (I hope) crossing the line between philosophy and religion. One can't do that. I have called my metaphysic "friendly to evangelicalism". This does not mean that it in any way promotes evangelicalism. It would seem much like building a road. The road doesn't take you to your destination, but it opens the way there. OBSERVATION: Philosophies, broadly speaking, may be friendly or unfriendly to certain theologies -- sometimes unfriendly to all theologies -- and, as was proposed by the philosopher-theologian Francis Schaeffer (among others), may have a profound effect on the course of theology.

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