Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday Prayer

Today is Good Friday. The traditional Good Friday service of sentences, hymns, and prayers was my late wife's favourite. Being an ordained minister, she would often conduct it herself. It was the last service she conducted. Here is an ancient prayer from that service, which is true today as it was true on the first Good Friday:

"O God of mercy, in shame we call to mind:
• The evils of the world which brought the Lord of Glory to humiliation. Cruel mockeries, and the agonies of the Cross;
• The spirit that loved darkness rather than light;
• The worship of ancient law, and the blindness to the glory of new truth;
• The selfishness which cloaked itself under religion;
• The building of the tombs of the prophets and the readiness to persecute new messengers sent from God;
• The foolishness and hatred of those who professed to be teachers of wisdom and love;
• The fickleness of the crowd;
• The treachery of the betrayer;
• The frailty and cowardice of the other disciples;
• The weakness and carelessness of those responsible for justice;
• The sins and follies - of men like ourselves. 
Grant, O Lord of righteousness, that as we gaze upon our Lord, on Whom was laid the burden of men's transgressions, we may be moved with true penitence, lest in our own day we crucify afresh the Lord of life and the King of love."

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