Monday, April 3, 2017


Last week, I let the first five chapters of my final metaphysic out of my hands, for a "cultivated friend" to read (there are thirty chapters). The response: "I am thoroughly enjoying it and look forward to the balance." OBSERVATION: There have been various milestones along the way to this (possibly final) revision. The call in 1978, to write it. Notebooks with thousands of entries. The first failed attempt at a metaphysic in 1983. Postgraduate degrees to get me up to speed. Further failed attempts (although good marks) under professors. Finally, successful integration of my ideas in 2008. Journal publication in 2013. An invitation to develop a metaphysic on-line in 2014. Publication of a "minor metaphysic" in 2015. Conceptual completion of a full metaphysic in 2016. Now I am finishing the work stylistically.

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