Monday, April 17, 2017

The Trislander

Alas, the Trislander is no more. At least, it flew for the last time over the English Channel yesterday. A STOL aircraft, it has now been sent to a "sky museum". I hopped across four islands in the Pacific in a Trislander, in 1994. I wrote in my diary: "An exceedingly noisy aircraft. My plexiglass window shattered. We flew through a rain cloud, and rain poured down my side. The landing seemed very quiet, because the motors slowed." OBSERVATION: It flew higher and higher and higher, so that a tiny blood leak caused a spot in my vision. I still have it today -- a permanent (it seems) souvenir of the Trislander. Diplomats were forbidden to fly in them -- yet the aircraft has an excellent safety record.

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