Saturday, May 13, 2017

1 Hour ≠ 1 Hour

Ministers tend to work many hours more than the average week -- at least, that would be supported by many surveys. Yet it is not just the hours that should be the focus. The title of this post means: one hour does not equal one hour. It refers to the fact that, in ministry, it is dangerous to suppose that 1 hour's work = 1 hour's work. Under some circumstances, one hour may be several hours' worth, otherwise one invites burnout. This is something it took me many years to learn. OBSERVATION: It is due to the unusual demands of ministry. Ministers need to know this rule: 1 hour ≠ 1 hour, and be sensitive to it, and live accordingly. According to Forbes magazine, of all professions, a minister stands at no. 5 for leadership stress (although the word "ministry" is the opposite of "leadership"). A corporate chief executive stands at a mere no. 9 by comparison.

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