Saturday, May 13, 2017

Church Capture: Charges

There is a thing called "state capture". There is, too, a thing called "Church capture". This is when private interests capture decision-making in a Church. One would need to define it more closely. This week I made an (about) 80-page deposition to police, bringing charges against signatories, trustees, a banker, and a few more, for Church capture, in my old Church. On Thursday I discussed the matter with detectives. The case was registered this morning. OBSERVATION: Church capture may not be active. It may be "sleeping", or unseen. Under any circumstances, one dare not enter such a situation, where a Church is worth millions and millions. While "Church capture" is not a category of crime, what I detailed for this week police was a string of illegal and odd mis-steps which marked Church capture. I further detailed a sequence of events which would have the effect of neutralising me as witness.

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