Sunday, May 28, 2017

Congregational Resurgence

Congregationalism, at the time that I entered Congregational ministry, seemed to be pretty much dead in the water: another great Protestant tradition which had become moribund. But no one would have guessed what happened next. There was a massive resurgence of Congregationalism worldwide. Under my own ministr(ies), then, we hosted Congregationalists from all over the world, and received blessing from them. This included some leading figures. OBSERVATION: Congregationalism is government by the people, for the people (and government by nobody else, whether inside or outside the Church), under Christ. But seen as a form of Church polity, Congregationalism encompasses far more than those Churches which have the label "Congregational". It includes Baptists, for instance. (There are two other Church systems, by and large: Presbyterianism and Episcopalianism).

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