Friday, May 12, 2017

Inequality, Philosophically

South Africa is the most unequal nation on earth -- or if not, then it comes close. But notice that, by using the word "unequal", we speak of a relationship between extremes. Then, in seeking to address the problem, we make what one calls a "category mistake". We treat it all in terms of a minimum wage, poverty grants, price controls, and so on -- which is not about the relationship. OBSERVATION: In my metaphysic, I argue that one cannot strive for a healthy society without considering the relationship -- and all relationships. To give a simple and simplistic example, it is not unusual for a boss to earn 1 000 times as much as an employee in South Africa. Now supposing that one were to address that relationship, and say: 100 times is enough. (As if 10 times isn't enough, but it's not entirely that simple).

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