Monday, May 22, 2017

Ministers As All-Rounders (Not)

There is often the expectation today that ministers should be strong all-rounders -- to the extent that there is no shortage of jokes about it. I don't think that this is healthy, normal, or reasonable -- or spiritual. In fact many ministers may have weaknesses which apparently make them ill suited to ministry, or ineligible. There are many examples in the Bible, and many examples in Church history. I have seen such examples myself. Yet God uses such people, and delights in using them. That is in fact the key to it all: where a minister is anointed and called by God, God overrides their weaknesses, or gives them a season as the person uniquely suited to a special task or emphasis. OBSERVATION: Once one knows that divine anointing and calling is critical, the next question is: how are a minister's anointing and calling established? That is what matters, not any lesser considerations. In fact the desire for an all-rounder may reveal the spiritual blindness of the critics.

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