Friday, May 5, 2017


I used to do computer programming, as a hobby, and this (above) was an app I was especially pleased with. It ran under DOS. Pentecost is coming soon, so in this video clip I search for "Pentecost", to be informed that it is on Sunday 4 June this year, with the liturgical colours red or green. I see also that there is an Eve of Pentecost. Then I ask the app to list forthcoming days on the Church calendar. I see that Vocations Sunday is coming up, and Ascension Day is on 25 May this year. Today is a day of self-denial. One of the most difficult aspects of this program was that large parts of the Church calendar are based on the position of the sun in the sky. In this regard I borrowed some very useful code from Richard Regez of Switzerland, to calculate the position of the sun over more than a century. OBSERVATION: Many ministers have a hobby, and many are very good at it. If helps offset the typical strain of ministry.

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