Monday, May 22, 2017

Sherlock Holmes

At the close of my city ministry, I was handed severe threats, typewritten, on a white sheet of paper. There were no identifying marks. Or were there? I sought to have a fingerprint analysis done. The document had been handed to me with bare fingers. But checking fingerprints wasn't going to be practical in Cape Town. What else would tie anyone to a document? Typeface, maybe. We went through every typeface that I or the Church had ever received. We found one person who used that same typeface, and only one. OBSERVATION: It didn't come as a surprise who it was. But I doubt that anyone ever proved a case on the strength of a typeface. Eventually, however, a more compelling clue surfaced. Someone had referred to the typewritten sheet in an e-mail. (It's a strange post, this, but it happens to come to mind. In fact, it's with the courts, again, no thanks to me).

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