Friday, May 19, 2017

Misspent Courtesy

Last year, there was a heist on my property. It was different to others, in that the police, in this case, made an arrest. Then the evidence disappeared, and the case was struck from the roll. So the prosecution sent the case back to the police. The police took the investigator off the case, and appointed a new one. But before the first investigator departed, he called me up. He said that the prosecutor had removed the evidence. It was a recorded call. I kept it to myself. I thought I would let them sort themselves out, and I would just tag along. Until my property took a few more hits. I thought, who am I doing favours, for what? Yesterday I wrote to the prosecutor: the investigator said it was you, you removed the evidence. OBSERVATION: What is really the case, I don't know.

POSTSCRIPT: In fact, on the surface of it, there is an offence. But South Africans have become dull to offences, and that is part of our malaise.

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