Saturday, June 3, 2017

Identifying Gifts

Spiritual gifts are important both in the Bible and in the Church. One good way to identify people's spiritual gifts is to ask the Body what they are. I did such an exercise with my Minister's Bible Study group once. The group sought to identify the gifts of each member of the group. Here is the simple tool that I used, with my own result shown (you may click on it to enlarge). OBSERVATION: The group considered that my gifts are chiefly faith, knowledge, leadership, and pastoring. It is not quite as I would have judged it. I might have given some recognition to evangelism, discernment, and mercy. But anyway, it is useful to know, too, that one is active in those areas where one is gifted, since the Bible says: "Do not be neglectful of the gift in you." In my ministr(ies), we have sought to identify every member's gifts.

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