Friday, June 2, 2017

Critical Markers

South Africa has been in a great deal of turmoil. Through this, the tide would seem to have turned against the government for, as one officially categorises it, "maladministration and/or corruption". There has been a blizzard of events along the way, but I would personally choose just a few as being critical. Not least, I think that one can learn from them for ministry:
• An aeroplane landed without proper clearance at a military base
• A pushy young reporter (dead now) nosed around the presidential kraal
• A group of Dominican friars prayed, and were led to approach the Public Protector
• The Minister of Finance was ordered to keep silent about his interrogation but did not
• And the masses were restless over daily impediments. It was "not their dream"
OBSERVATION: The application to ministry:
• If there is a technical irregularity, there could well be a big moral problem behind it
• If something intrigues you or unsettles you, do as the reporter did, and probe
• Always do as the Dominican friars did, and "inquire of the Lord" (Joshua 9:14)
• Like the Minister of Finance, don't be cowed into silence but do the opposite
• And keep in touch with the feeling -- the spiritual yearning -- of the people

POSTSCRIPT: I might add the overt rebellion of the Economic Freedom Front.

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