Saturday, June 10, 2017

Strange Burden

A minister has a strange burden -- in that things he knows, which are confidential, may impinge on the life of the Church as a whole. Take this example. A minister is involved in a case of domestic violence. A man has struck his wife. There is high tension, and the police have visited. But there have been no arrests, no charges. Next thing, someone nominates this man as a deacon in the Church. Does the minister reveal what is going on? A different kind of example: A deacon is ranting at the minister, and persuading people to join him. There is high tension, now in the Church. The minister knows that this man is receiving psychological counselling for the same behaviour in private, where he is wreaking havoc. Does he reveal it? OBSERVATION: In short, does the minister keep silent and carry the burden, or does he or she shift the burden by revealing private information? Whether he reveals it or not, it could mean trouble. Further, a minister may share such information with Church elders, but then the elders have the same dilemma ...

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