Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What Can (And Did) Happen

This post shows what can and did happen in a Church, my Church. A banker, two months ago, showed me the financial "system within a system" that individuals in my old Church had created. This is (some of) what it means. The Church's accounts clerk e-mailed me, the minister, the following list of deposits to the Church (on the left), from friends of the Church. I have blanked out their names.

During this same period, I myself made a deposit to the Church of R21 405 (on the right). I did this anonymously, on someone's behalf. I have blanked out my own account balance here. But my own deposit, as one sees, was missing from the deposits list. OBSERVATION: It is now clear that, if this had not been my own deposit, it would have been impossible for me to pick up directly that it was missing from the list. Others were in the same position, including the auditor and trustees.

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