Monday, June 12, 2017

What Does A Minister Do?

What does a minister do? If one merely considers the overview, a minister even of an "average" Church has enough to keep him (or her) in high demand. There is
• Church administration,
• Church finances,
• Church properties,
• pastoral counselling,
• crisis call-outs,
• Church charity,
• Sunday services,
• special services,
• music ministry,
• social events,
• "damage control",
• staff matters,
• membership classes,
• Church newsletters,
• Church reports,
• correspondence,
• inter-Church relations,
• community issues,
• Bible studies,
• management meetings,
• discipling,
• oversight of Church groups 
and considerably more. These things are (fairly) basic, so it's not an augmented list. Even if one delegates most of these areas, they remain the interest and responsibility of ministry in some way. OBSERVATION: Under the best of circumstances, it seems too much from a human point of view -- yet with faith in God it can be done, and one does have the privilege of seeing God wonderfully at work.

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