Sunday, July 2, 2017

‘Self-Starting’ Ministries

My experience in the Church is that ministries are self-starting -- or rather, the Lord Himself starts them, not His people. My next post serves as an example of this. Bible distribution was a major project of my Church(es) over many years, that we did not think up ourselves. It began when an old man, a member of the Church, had a minor stroke. I went to see him and his wife in their home, and asked them whether I could read to them from the Bible. They said, a little perplexed: "We don't have a Bible." Then: "Could you obtain one for us?" I soon discovered that theirs was not an isolated case, by far -- for example, most of our Youth didn't have a Bible. Or people had an English Bible but not a Bible in their mother tongue. Thus an old man's small stroke launched a major ministry of the Church.

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