Monday, August 7, 2017

Article In Pieces

A major media outlet published an article by me this morning, but alas -- they omitted my opening paragraph which is critical to context and punch. It is hard to make sense of it at all without it. I contacted the editors, asking them kindly to piece it together again. It begins (began) like this:
I have seen the future, and it doesn’t include water. I had the dubious privilege of visiting Thembalethu—a major township in the Western Cape—when the water was cut off.  “It was like this all of last week,” said my sister-in-law. “On and off. Mostly off. Day by day, we never know when we’ll have water.” Read more ...
OBSERVATION: In its first 24 hours, it did about 80% better than my previous attempt at "tabloid" writing, in spite of a bad start.

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