Thursday, August 10, 2017

Required Reading

Seminaries and required reading. Wife E received her course guide at the beginning of a new term, for the degree of Bachelor of Theology. She discovered, on page one, that she needed a crucial textbook. We couldn't trace the book in Cape Town, but there was a company which could ship it in two weeks' time. Add to that the notorious reliability (not) of our postal services, and that was just too late for assignments. But not to worry, wrote the seminary, one could purchase the e-book -- and they directed her to a free app with which to read it. But of the various computers between E and me, none of them runs the operating systems for the app. And so forth. It gets more complex than this. As yet, there is no solution, after time-consuming efforts to solve the problems. One of her professors previously put it plainly: if you don't have what you need, you shouldn't be doing this degree. If it were that simple. OBSERVATION: I myself studied a Master of Arts in Los Angeles. They informed me of required reading at the start of my first term, in this case several books. No worry, they wrote, I could have all these books overnight, door to door. Then they grasped the reality. I was in Cape Town (and everyone else in their own localities) for that part of the degree.

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