Monday, November 20, 2017

How The Youth Soared

In the latter part of my city ministry, our youth group soared. It reached its highest attendance in a generation. How? I shall cast it in terms of what our youth leaders did right: 
• They offered meaningful Christian input each week
• They brushed off collateral damage
• They noted what the youth enjoy
• They heavily staffed the youth to curb ruinous youngsters
• They were sensitive to the temperaments of the youth
• They truly loved the youth
• They could live with chaos
• They gave the youth attention, and
• They drew on the spirituality of the youth.
OBSERVATION: Churches often miss one or more of these points, which perhaps can be summed up like this: sound spiritual focus and sensitivity to the youth. If there was anything I did myself to contribute to this success, I think it was to give critical support to the leaders.

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