Saturday, December 9, 2017

Not Phishing

I receive any number of notices that I have been nominated in this or that will to receive so many millions -- if I will just forward my most personal details to this or that web-mail address. A recent example -- an extract from an e-mail I received:
A deceased client died in 2011, left a sum a little above US$ 26 million in his account here in Unity Bank Plc. You and my deceased client share the same name and nationality. I am disposed to present you as the beneficiary and administrator of the account. 
Nice one! This week, then, I received an e-mail saying that I had been nominated and so on. However, this one seemed a little different -- different enough for me to check it out. On the surface of it, it checked out. I contacted a Roman Catholic priest through an official channel. Yes, wrote the priest, this was genuine. As the minister of my old city Church, I had come to the notice of a certain philanthropist -- as had other clergymen with me.

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