Monday, January 8, 2018

Baited Men

There are women who see their ticket up in a small businessman, and they’ll play him like a violin, and ruin him with their "love". Faithful churchgoing may be part of the act, and the men don’t have the spiritual discernment to tell a true Christian from any other sort. Then, when the woman has bled him dry, she dumps him. G, who was 50 years of age, had been putting R300 on the table every morning for his mistress -- about the most a small businessman could afford. While she played the "wife", she kept an empty flat / apartment on the side -- and when she realised that the money had run dry, she ruthlessly cut him off, with cruel words. He said he loved her, he couldn’t live without her. I said: “G, you've been duped. The signs were all over this. Your own heart has ruined you. Confess it to God, give your life to Him. Get yourself out of the picture, and blessing will come.” His thoughts were on suicide only. It seemed as though he had come to me only to convince me that he should end it all. OBSERVATION: And then, some women are outsmarted by men. The men lead them to believe that they’ve taken the bait when, in fact, the woman is the one who is now being duped. I met G some years later -- last year. His heart was at peace again. He was living in subsidised housing.

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