Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Me and the SIU

First off, this post is legal. The office of the mayor of Cape Town teeters at the moment, to a large extent on the issue of the closure of the SIU -- the Special Investigating Unit. This is a clip of me (and a third person) in conversation with the ethics chief of the SIU, Nolan Davey (click ► to Play) -- he was in his words "in charge of integrity" there. I am putting up just a snippet of a fairly wide-ranging conversation we had -- as on hears, on his invitation. The interesting part is what I do not put up. However this clip is to give one an idea as to what the SIU is really about. Apologies for the hiss. OBSERVATION: My personal impression of Mr Davey is that he is a transparent and compassionate man.

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