Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Police False Statements

This is another "no comment" post, although this one needs some background information. According to the police department The Cluster, the police, at the close of my urban ministry, charged me without basis. This means that they set me up -- which is a major offence. I filed application therefore to see the docket. The police then issued a catalogue of false statements. Today, I put up some of these statements, a mere fleeting impression (click ⊳ to Play). "May I see the docket ... ?"
1. W/O Bartholomew says no -- because it is a private document.
2. Capt. Jefta says no -- because there was no case, therefore no information.
3. Capt. Du Plessis says no -- because the case is not closed, so this is classified.
4. And Capt. Scholtz says no -- because the docket has been removed.
No. 1 above is unlawful (I had it thoroughly checked). No. 2 contradicts the evidence (I was in fact charged). No. 3 contradicts no. 2 (Capt. Du Plessis says there was a case) -- and further the case had long been closed. No. 4 wasn't a serious excuse -- there was a stony silence when the docket reappeared. In fact the above all more or less contradict each other. OBSERVATION: These days judges, in their judgements, seem fond of expanding on the significance of such things. I shall say only: let the reader interpret.

POSTSCRIPT: On second thoughts, I shall comment. From the moment I was first released from custody, I walked into every meeting with the police "wired". I think it is true to say that not one recording of the police is not damning. My recordings, too, were seized in a raid -- but I still have the ones that matter. The above is a mere sample of the police's wheeling, and reveals I think that they know they can make any statement they like without consequence. They sacrifice the public for their own reputation, set the public at risk, and I myself have been (and think am) at risk.

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