Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Importance Of Tea

A popular and prominent feature of urban ministry was Church Tea, after the service. It was usually crowded out, in a medium-sized hall. I came across photos today of the kind of "camp" that it was (and perhaps still is). We used to hold it once a month, then doubled it to twice a month. In fact some members met more often even than that. Now for the reason why. We felt there were so many people in a built-up area who were isolated or disconnected, and that Sunday tea fulfilled an important function for them -- not to speak of the Church as a whole. It helped us all to connect, and not only on a Sunday. Sometimes, too, it was occasion for spiritual input. OBSERVATION: One elderly member told me once that she couldn't wait for Church Tea. As many Churches do, we appointed a different Church group to serve at the hatch each time -- and often had some special treat.

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