Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hydrogen Bomb

I bought TIME Magazine yesterday, with the image of an atom bomb on the front. It reminded me of a woman I met in the Marshall Islands in 1994, Darlene Keju-Johnson. She told me then that she had seen the flash of a US hydrogen bomb as a child (pictured), and needed continual surgery since, for tumours. I discovered just this morning that she died two years after we met. Wikipedia states: "Keju is credited for bringing to the attention of the world the suffering of the Marshall Islanders as a result of the nuclear testing." Her husband wrote the book "Don't Ever Whisper." Tell the story.

NOTE: I have some interest in the nuclear testing as I landed in (now) Kiribati as a boy, 2½ years after the last atom bomb test. Many times I heard anecdotal evidence of what the tests did to people -- but there was no research in Kiribati, as there was in the Marshall Islands. What left the biggest impression on me was how excited children in the Marshall Islands played in the glitter (fallout) from the sky, and how the first bomb in Kiribati blinded a million birds, which soon died.

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