Wednesday, February 28, 2018

My First Major Ministry: Just The Numbers

This one is merely about numbers. During my two major ministries, most numbers went up. This post is about my first major (suburban) ministry of ten years. Tomorrow I am putting up a post about my second major (urban) ministry of nearly twenty years. My percentages below are calculated like this: numbers added ÷ the start number × 100. I am listing spiritual ministry only:
• Sunday attendance increased 350% or more, depending on the phase we were in
• Our all-week attendance (including Sundays) increased about 200%
• A minister's Bible study went from zero to strong
• A women's Bible study went from zero to strong
• A young adults group went from zero to a modest size
• A Youth group went from zero to strong
• A Women's Association, Sunday School, and Church choir were strong before and after my ministry
OBSERVATION: It is obvious that this was a very successful ministry, in terms of numbers anyway -- but I think one can speak of this as knowing the tree by its fruit. However, all that growth took its toll on the minister (me). I did not cope well with it.

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